YBM-12/24 box-type substation
KGN-12 fixed metal-enclosed switchgear
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GCK/L series low voltage drawer type switch cabinet
GGD AC low voltage power distribution cabinet
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KGN-12 fixed metal-enclosed switchgear

Product Overview
Three-phase AC 10kV and below, used for accepting and distributing power energy. Range of application and running environment comply with the relevant regulations under GB3906-91 "3-35kV AC metal-enclosed switchgear" standard.
The device is oil-less, which meets the environmental needs. The main switch uses the ZN28-12 vacuum circuit breaker with big breaking capacity, reliable electrical performance and advanced technical skill. The operation mechanism (electromagnetic type or spring energy storage type) has the advantages of small volume, good reliability and long service time. When an emergency occurs, the device is able to cut off the circuit accurately and quickly.
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